Short Notice Reviews


All About Jazz by Mike Jurkovic

“From its melodic, passionate opener "Time Out" through the moody, inward looking "Unknown Identity," young Miami saxophonist/composer Manny Echzabal exhibits huge promise on this rolling, thrill seeking debut.”

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Jazz Trail by Filipe Freitas

“Short Notice, the auspicious debut CD by Miami-born saxophonist Manny Echazabal, is a fun post-bop ride that reveals compositional ingeniousness and an adventurous side that draws from Wayne Shorter and Michael Brecker, but still brandishing a valid signature

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Jazz Mostly by Bruce Crowther

“Although the thinking behind this music is outwardly dark, the musical results are far from this. Instead, they are filled with optimism and light and vividly demonstrate Manny’s exceptional musical skill.”

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Jazz Music Archives

One of the reasons why post bop has endured and grown over time as a musical genre is that it’s a very open and malleable musical form that is able to stretch its shape and morph into any new influence that crosses its path. Be it Latin, fusion, free jazz, drumnbass or any other style, post bop is able to absorb all of this and maintain its current relevance, which leads us to “Short Notice”, a very eclectic and modern post bop CD by saxophonist Manny Echazabal.

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